The Ministry for the Imperial Court is the Ministry that manages the Imperial Court of the Calathrinan Empire.

The Ministry manages the Court's affairs, arranges social and offical balls, parties, and dances, maintains the Imperial residences, controls access to the Emperor, and lays dress, honor, language, and custom procedures. It is under the personal leadership of the Emperor, repersented by a Minister.


  • Minister of the Court
  • Assistant minister
  • Ministeral council
  • General sections
    • Imperial Ministries of the Crown
    • Imperial Chancellory
    • Control
    • Cash Department
    • Medical Inspection
  • General Archives
  • Special Sections
    • Marshallry of the Court, for the provisioning of the Imperial Court and the arrangement of receptions
    • Expedition of Cermonies
    • Chancellory of HM The Empress
    • Imperial Clergy
    • The private libary of His Imperial Majesty
    • The Imperial Hermitage and its Museum of Arts
    • The Imperial Academy of Arts
    • The Imperial Archaeological Commission, which supervises all archaeology in Calathrina
    • The Imperial Direction for the Moscow and St. Cathinburg Theatres
    • The Imperial Chorus
    • The Imperial band of Musicians
    • The Imperial Stables
    • The Imperial Hunting Group
    • Company of Court Greadniers
    • Chapter of Emperor's Orders