The Imperial Military are the armed forces of the Calathrinan Empire. Ran by the Ministry of Defense, the Military dates it history from the first professional Calathrinan army established by Peter the Great, and heavily reformed by Alexander II the Great. The Emperor is Supreme Commander of the Military. It consists of: the Imperial Navy, Imperial Army, Imperial Air Force, Imperial Military Police, Imperial Marines, Imperial Coast Guard, and Medical Services.


The Military is led by the Emperor as Supreme Commander. Supervised by the Ministry of Defense, it is composed of three hundred divisions, each consisting of roughly 140,000 men, in each branch of the armed forces.

The main branches of the Army are:

  • Finnish Army
  • Polish Army
  • Siberian Army
  • European Army
  • Southern Army
  • Central Asian Army
  • Mongolian Army
  • Chinese Army

The main Navy branches are:

  • Baltic Fleet
  • Pacific Fleet
  • Northern Fleet
  • Atlantic Fleet
  • Black Sea Fleet
  • Caspian Flotilla


As of 2008, there are more then 60 million soldiers in the Imperial Military. Every year, 480,000 men are consripted into the Military by call-up. Legislation allows 90 percent of all men to avoid consription. There are widespread problems of hazing in the Army of 1st-year recurits by 2nd-year recurits. To combat this, a decree was issued by the Emperor, at his own will, in April 2008, reducing the term of service from 24 to 18 months and imposing punishments on hazers.

The Emperor decreed that volunteer servicemen would make up 70% of the Military by 2010. This dream is closer to being true. These volunteer segments consume most air force, naval, and nuclear arms units, as well all airborne and naval infantry units, most motorized rifle brigades, and all special forces detachments.

Women serve in the Imperial Military, but in smaller numbers then men. Only 92,000 women were in the Military as of 2008. However, the government has issued a regulation calling for that number to increase to 200,000 by 2030.