The City Government Act was a act passed by the Calathrinan Empire for Saint Cathinburg on 24 May 1905. Proposed by Cathinburg Mayor Vladmir Lenin, the Act reorganized the city government and remained the Cathinburg charter until 1998, when the current City Charter was adopted.


  • Saint Cathinburg is named The Royal Capital in Saint Cathinburg under the Empire. The city is confirmed as capital of the Empire and all Calathrinan central operations are to be based here.
  • There is to be a City Mayor, appointed and dismissed by the emperor, that will run the City Administration, preside over the Royal City Assembly, issue executive laws and ordinances, and coordinate local projects, hospitals, schools, and communties.
  • A Royal City Assembly is to serve as legislative assembly over the City, elected by a universal secret ballot by all male voters over eighteen (this was amended in 1918 to include all 18 and up women as well).