The Calathrinan Prime Minister is the political leader of the Calathrinan Empire and Chief Minister of the Imperial Government. The Prime Minister is accountable to the Calathrinan Emperor, who appoints, supervises, and dismisses him at will.

As Chief Minister, the Prime Minister commands a majority in the Calathrinan Parilament, heads the Imperial Ministries, and advises the Emperor. The Prime Minister supervises and coordinates government agencies and departments. Despite this, the Emperor still holds aboslute authority, and usually excrises, without constraint, control of the government. The Prime Minister is only a "executor".

The Prime Minister's current salary is $132,450, as well a salary of $60,980 as Member of Parilament. The Prime Minister's offical residence is the Nicholas Palace, and he has apartments in the Winter Palace. The Prime Minister also owns the Sochi Estate as a summer house. Upon retirement, resignation, or dismissal, they are awarded a peerage (usually Marquess or Viscount), lifetime monthly payment, and a seat in the State Council.

The current Prime Minister is Dimitri Medlevev, who was appointed in April 2008. He is the leader of the Social Democrats Party. The current Parilament will be dissolved by the Emperor in June 2010.